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Welcome, fellow philosophers!

My name is Jackie. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy by day, writer by night, and promoter of health and wellness all the time. I am a previous D1 collegiate soccer player, 10 year rugby veteran, and lifelong lover of all sports. I believe it is our duty to keep learning and growing as individuals, and I invite you to join me on a journey to be the best version of ourselves every day! It is my hope to be able to provide you with knowledge on how to not only keep your body healthy and strong, but also to nourish your mind and soul by doing the things you love.

Some things that I love? Rehabbing injuries, conquering new sports, taking fitness outside, travel, and experimenting with nutrition, skin care, and hair products.

So what do you love? Contact me for posts about your particular interests, or read on to find out more about some of my own!


Photo Credit: Dave Redden Photography 

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